2014 Australia Day Highlights


The Australia Day Ambassador Program in Victoria is part of the larger Australia-wide Program in every State and Territory of Australia. It provides a unique opportunity for communities to meet inspirational Australian achievers.

On Australia Day, Ambassadors from Victoria go to more than 150 communities across the state to spread the message of national pride at various celebrations. Ambassadors participate in local activities, assist with the presentation of local awards and deliver a short speech on what being Australian means to them.

Ambassadors are recruited from diverse fields such as the arts, sport, science, business, government and entertainment. They can be of any age, but they all share the common traits of achievement through hard work, talent, and a strong sense of patriotism. All act in an honorary capacity, freely giving their time to help celebrate our National Day.

Dr Yvonne Ho is an Australia Day Ambassador. Her destination is Boort in northern Victoria in 2014.

Photos from our 2014 Australia Day Celebrations

Our talented piano and vocal students' performance for the Boort community.

Group photo of 2014 Australia Day Ambassadors with The Hon Dr Denis Napthine, Premier of Victoria.

One of the many great things about being an Ambassador is that you are invited to special events, where you meet some of the most amazing Australians.

With Dr Denis Napthine, 47th Premier of Victoria.

With John Brumby, 45th Premier of Victoria at the Governor's Reception.

With John Cain, 41st Premier of Victoria.

Photo with Stephanie Alexander at the official 2014 Australia Day luncheon.

With Ken Lay, Chief Commissioner of the Victorian Police.

The famous 'Durham Ox' signpost that shows the way to Boort ...

Dr Yvonne Ho's public address to the Boort community on Australia Day.

Photo showing Charteris Music School students' e-performance to the community of Boort.

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Everyone deserves the best opportunity to realise his or her potential. At Charteris Music School, we encourage a love of music throughout our students' life at the music school and beyond.

 We bring fun to musical achievement and inspire creativity. 

We also offer our students the opportunity to take part in prestigious performance events, for example, with The Arts Centre of Melbourne and be part of the Victorian Government's Australia Day Ambassador program (a wonderful way to understand what it means to be Australian!) We don't know of other music school/music teacher that is able to offer such sought-after opportunities!

Previous students, many who were children when we first met them and who are now adults, continue to speak highly of us. Some who are now parents send their own children to us for lessons - this is our greatest compliment.

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